Coachella Valley Apparel | Represent The 760!

Coachella Valley Apparel | Represent The 760!

Who We Are!

Welcome to Coachella Valley Apparel, a masterpiece that evolved from the collaboration of independent designers back in 2016. This isn't just a brand; it's a testament to the soul of the Coachella Valley and its neighboring realms. We're the artistry that highlights what makes this sun-soaked haven in Sourthern California so spectacular: a blend of the festivals, the landscapes, the culture, and the people.

image of our Coachella Valley Apparel Topo Palms t-shirts from our topo palms collection

Exclusive Online Outlet

Now, picture this: an empire of style exclusively available through our fresh new online hub, Coachella Valley Outlet. We're not just about showcasing apparel; we're about unveiling a lifestyle. We've got a flair for graphic design that roars with creativity, and printing services that can bring your personalized style to life.

Our styles are more than just threads and fabric; they're a reflection of the 760 lifestyle. From the serene bohemian vibes to the high-octane festival fervor, our designs breathe the spirit of this special region. It's more than just donning a tee; it's about wearing your vibe on your sleeve.

Click here to check out our complete Coachella Valley Apparel line of apparel...

image of our California Camo Bear T-shirt collection

Graphic Design And Printing Services

But we're not stopping at just clothing. We're here to ignite your creativity and empower your brand. Our graphic design services are here to give your dream a visual anthem, an identity that stands tall and resonates with your audience. And when it comes to making it personal, our custom apparel and accessory printing services are designed to turn your ideas into wearable art.


Contact Us Now!

Questions? Ideas? We're all ears! We thrive on your feedback, your thoughts, and your imagination. Reach out to us through our contact page, and we'll reach right back to you. Or, if you're eager to connect, dial us up or text us at 760.779.3377, and let's get the creative conversation flowing. (Click here to learn more about our custom design and print services)

Coachella Valley Apparel isn't just about fashion; it's about representing a lifestyle, a culture, a spirit. It's about making a statement that's as loud and bold as the beats at a festival. Welcome to our world. Let's make you or your brand roar!

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